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Helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses online with Google Ads.

[Being a woman] entrepreneur is empowering and rewarding

But promoting your business online can be overwhelming and downright frustrating!

Does this sound familiar?

You are super excited about your business…you have either just started or have been going for some time and you are ready to take it to the next level! You have your end goal in sight, are driven and determined to succeed. You know promoting your business online is key to this success…BUT…you are so overwhelmed by the HOW.

With so much information out there, you are soooo confused as you don’t have the time or energy to read through all the thousands of blog articles, tough to follow instructions, how to guides and quite frankly cannot be bothered to do so. You have better things to do such as run your business.

As an entrepreneur you wear many hats; strategic planner, market researcher, sales and marketing exec., customer service representative, bookkeeper and the list goes on. You don’t have time to set up and learn how to create an effective Google Ads campaign – you just want leads and sales!

If you have found yourself saying YES, that is me...then you are in the right place!

That is why I created [Semplicity]

“Simplifying Google Ads For Female Entrepreneurs”

I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. I was a young entrepreneur straight out of university. I had started a product-based business in South Africa and I was excited!

But I had NO IDEA where to start in terms of promoting my business online. I had heard about SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and using adverts on Google to promote and sell my products. I was intimidated and lost as to where to start.

I began reading and absorbing everything I could get my eager hands on. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent devouring every blog, article, video there was on the topic. I became overwhelmed by the information overload! But I persevered! and with testing the theory out on my business, I started seeing the power of online advertising. My business went from zero online sales to generating over 500K in the first year…that was just in sales!

I had discovered the power of marketing and I was entranced. Suddenly all I wanted to do was learn more about Google Ads. I thought about hiring a managing director to run the business while I focused on my new passion – digital marketing.

That’s when one of my customers, a big fan of my new brand, asked to buy my business. As soon as I signed on the bottom line, I was off on a new adventure. I joined a marketing agency in Spain and spent the next 4 years absorbing everything I could. I managed digital marketing in a huge variety of industries, driving leads for real estate agents, fashion brands, restaurants, schools, consultants, coaches and more.

Over the years Google has put unbelievable power into the hands of advertisers, making it possible for even the smallest niche businesses to reach new customers. Today, the tools are in your hands. All I want to do now is to teach you to use them.

I have had a positive experience working with Tiffany.  I have received many enquiries and bookings for our Luxury Yoga Retreats as well as a huge improvement in the overall look and functionality of our social media and website.  It’s been a huge change and relief!

Knowing that I have another woman with a similar attitude and work ethic as me and someone who understands my business and my feedback is invaluable.  Because of Tiffany’s in depth understanding of my needs and business as well as her vast knowledge, she can translate my ideas into reality.  She comes up with great suggestions and with her magic touch, we now look more polished and professional online.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Tiffany…1000 percent!!

M. Trinidad Gomez - Owner & Managing Director, LuxurYoga Retreats

Tiffany is a talented professional that always takes the time to support anyone in her team also having a great knowledge for Google Adwords, Analytics and SEO as well as fantastic managerial skills in a very busy environment.

Freelance Graphic Designer

I know Tiffany as a very professional, bright and honest person where mainly her knowledge in the field of online marketing, educational skills and verbal capabilities stand out. Her help has been very meaningful both for my personal career as well as the project we worked on.

International Business Developer, Van Ameyde International

Lauren Quinn

Bromelia Rio – A Brazil Specialist Travel & Tour Agency

Stephanie Linder

Lost in Linderland – Influencer In the Digital Nomad Community

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[Are You Ready To Succeed?]

  Raise Brand Awareness Inform your target audience that you exist and turn them into brand followers and ambassadors.  With a strong brand, you can charge more for your product or service.

  Generate Leads Build your potential client list.  Nurture them, communicate with them and convert them into sales further down the line.

  Drive Sales The ultimate aim of the majority of campaigns is sales.  That is why you are in business…with well structured online advertising campaigns you will be hearing ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!

  Grow Your Subscribers Build your lists, create your communities and followers.  You have probably heard it before…focus on growing your subscribers and the rest will follow.

[What Would You Like To Do?]

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