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[Stop wasting your valuable time] and make more money!


"Are you spending countless hours trying to set up online campaigns yourself?

Do terms like "Facebook pixel" and "Conversion Tracking" cause you confusion, fear?

What the heck is Google Analytics? 


Are hitting your head against the wall when it comes to: 

   Installing Google Analytics on your Wordpress Website

   Setting up a Facebook Campaign

   Installing the Facebook Pixel

  Installing Google Adwords conversion tracking

   Setting up remarketing lists

   Optimising your blog post for SEO

    Integrating Mailchimp or similar into your site

   Other technical issues

[Then let me help you!]

Digital Marketing Helpdesk | Semplicity



For $50 bucks I will help you sort out any of the above that you are wasting your time on, so you can focus on what really is important…and that is making money and growing your business.

Stop pulling out your hair…I love helping entrepreneurs.

Ready to get started? What are you waiting for? Let's go! 

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